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I was pleasantly surprised with this site. It is great that I can contact others through the use of tokens. I have already been able to chat with a few very interesting people. Some even with the same hopes as me.. Congrats on making a site that is worth visiting again and again and again.
id like to share a success story. i meet the perfect girl for me. she is just what i was looking for and she was on this site for the same things i was. we both were looking for an open experimental but semi serious relationship. she is so beautiful and wonderful but we are both on the same page as far as having a very open minded relationship. just want to say thank you to iwantu for the help so far and i hope for continued success.
After a couple of months as a VIP member, I cannot believe the number of messages I\’ve received from women approaching me (novel in itself!). I\’ve had a few offline meetings and had some fun times, but also made some good online friends too. By far the best site I\’ve ever joined!
Hello dear IWANTU! I thank the God that one day I have chosen you to

place my ad at, that day had changed my life. I liked it very being your

member from the very start. Well now I came close

to the very reason im writing this letter. To be honest I didn`t have too

much believe I would meet someone special, THE ONE online (!) How mistaken I

have been! I did meet Him, my soulmate. And it is your merit, im so grateful

to you. My Love is an Englishman, im Ukrainian. Now that we have found each

other, nothing can prevent us from being together. Im so happy. Phil does

not know that im writing to you but im sure he is as grateful as I am. Some

days ago he`ve written in his mail the phrase my letter begins with: “I

thank the God that I placed my ad at iwantu”. THANK YOU VERY MUCH THAT YOU

ARE!! Sincerely yours, Svitlana xxx

this site is the shit!!–ive been on numerous adult dating sites but i never got anywhere–ive only just signed up on this one and im already talking 2 four different sexy females!!
I would have to say that this is a great site for meeting people. It has been a great place to meet women for me and easier. There are so many beautiful ladies that it is hard for me to pick which one I really want to write to. I hope that I meet the right one but your site made it possible to have so many choices.Thanks!
Im Glad i found this site! Lets just Say is just what i want to have some fun. 🙂

I have tried other sites before and have never had any luck contacting anyone from my town. I tried iwantu and have actually contacted and met up with two females that were looking for the same thing I was. Fun excitement and good times, I recomend this site to a lot of my friends.
i just wanted to say you have a great service and i dont think you need to change a thing,ihave been a member on other sites and i havent got half the responses ive got on your site.
Hi all, I was sceptical at first on this site, but no longer, I went on here 2 weeks ago. On the first nite I sent an Iwantu to a girl, we then chatted and on Friday we went out, we clicked straight away, and have seen eachother twice since, and this is Monday. She is the most amazing woman and I was shocked to find someone so fast, especially someone so lovely and very sexy, this one will not be thrown back. I have no hessitation in recommending this site to anyone. PlutosAce
I used to be at another site, but came across this one while surfing. It has surpassed any and all other sites I have been too prior. I have already had at least three friends join this site in just the last 24 hours and I assure you more are coming.
Dear Iwantu, Thanks so much for all of the aphrodites matches. I love

sex,all the time,and your sight helps me fullfill all of my sexual appetites.
I LOVE this site. Their really are so many awesome and wicked ppl on here that are just great to talk to. Its great to come to a site where we can discuss such issues.
I think this is a great site.i meet alot of nice people on here.steve
This site is great even for a free member. Who knew there were this many people on this site from around here. I have chated with a lot of good people.
I love this website. Within a few days I met a women from my area and I had one of the best one night stands ever with her. Everyone should use this site to meet prople.
This site has opened up a new world of oppurninity for me. thank you very much. Im talking to this girl and she is awesome. you guys keep up the good work and thanks.
hi i thought this was going to be one of them websites that was going to be a wast of time and i was so rong it is one of the best i have found part from the tokens i dont like card on the net but may have to do it as i have loads of girls that want to talk to me cool hay all the best to you all out there
I\’d just like to say I love this site. I have met more women on this site in less time than any other site I\’ve tried. In addition the women are very beautiful. I will keep the member confidential, but I\’ve already had success with a sexy lady from this site after only a week or so of trying. Thanks IWANTU!
Dear Admin. Thank you so much. I really impressed with a quick and quality

service.Especially I liked the feature like helping with wise and

thoughtful advices to the customers. I read it yesterday and was very

impresssed. I have never seen it anywhere else, but “IwantU”. Also wanted to

mention about convenient and brilliant way of building the site. It’s

attractive, approachable and easy to use. I enjoy using it very much. You

get the feeling that everything is possible when on IwantU. Thanks for

giving us customers the opportunity to feel comfortable here and you are a

wonderful host. Thanks again Linn
Thanks Iwantu… What a stroy this could be. What I will say is although may offers came a bit to far to travel, patience is and was a virtue. I met a lady, married, and all she wanted was casual, nsa sex. I was hesitant at irst only because one never really knows what someone is looking for. We\’ve seen each other a number of times now and the sex is great each time we meet. So everyone…if you haven\’t had any luck yet, stick with it and someone will be there for whatever you are looking for
Before I came to this website I found lots of fake ones with empty promises. Now Im getting real messages from real people and may even meet up soon, thanks to the team!
Have had many responses in the first week. Cant wait to see what else is coming. Thanks.
I wanted to commend you on such a wonderful site. In the short time i have been a member I have met someone and it has really taken off. We have so much in common that we are planning to move together and get married in two years. She and i want to thank you for allowing the opportunity for real people to meet and find that true love that is really out there.
This site is the besst I love it and am meeting new and interesting people on here. better than all the other site I\’ve been on.
Browsing your profiles and getting into your chat room has helped us fulfill our fantasy. We couldn’t have done it without this wonderful website!! Thank you!
I have met some beautiful girls on this site in just a couple of weeksi have so much fun finding new people and meeting up wit them
What a site. There is nothing like logging on and seeing that there is another woman waiting to be the next.
Really good site.You can easily get what you want here.Got my first mail 5min after joinig.I recommend it to anyone
Iwantu is awsome This is a message from a date I had with another member. (I have her permission to put her. I just wanted to let you know that it was awesome last night!! I have never had such a good dick inside me and the way you made me come so many times .. Well, I can\’t wait to find out whatelse you want to do to me next time we get together?? Why don\’t you tell me so that I can think about it while I\’m gone.. and I can call you when I get back!!
Thank You so much. It was really hard for me to meet new ppl and now thanks to this site I have met my match. We are even planning on buying a house together.
this site is great, definitely a great way to meet new people. going on my first rendezvous tonight from here.
I first came on here thinking I won’t meet someone or make at least a friend but that all changed after a week when I met (Jeanenne) kisses4u and I have not been the same since. She’s just wonderful. Thanks Iwantu for making this happen. I’ve found my heart… Thanks again Iwantu.

I\’d just like to say there are some great people on here and has been a pleasure to get to know some of them …. D
This site is awesome it really helped me meet some cool fun people i really recomend this site and their token system is great
hello, I\’ve had some great luck on this site, and I think anyone looking for a good way to meet people for relationships or no strings attached fun should use this site!
Meeting several people here and talking with some hot ladies.

Soon to meet one and or two (not at same time).

I am going to hang in there till ftf meeting tales place and we get to know each other in a special way, not women has been picked quite yet, but all better hurry.
I must congradulate you on your site . I have signed onto your site for a while and in no time I was in touch with a member and we have struck a relationship that has blossomed into more than one could expect for a 5 wk priod. Shortly I am flying overseas to meet her. I never thought I could find romance
We recently joined this site and have had the pleasure of meeting and chating with some intestering individuals, some very sexy.
Thank you so much for offering this site on a trial basis. I met my boyfriend on this site. He is from Chicago and was signed on for a trial basis. In the short time he replyed to my profile and we have been chatting/dating. I think it is very important to be able to take the time to get to know each other first and dating sometimes does not offer you opportunity to really express yourself honestly as much as emails in which you can be upfront and honest, if you want to have a lasting relationship. I live in Michigan and although he is far away I value the time that we do spend together. Just wanted to show my appreciation for your site, it has definitely changed my life.
I just found the woman of my dreams on this site a month ago, now we are back here looking for a couple to share in our experiences. Thanks for having a great site to meet people.
I want to thank \”\” for a fabulous site! I have met people in my area and am looking forward to meeting more. I may have to become a VIP!
Hi I just wanted to say thanks for the site, I\’ve been to others but love the more chilled out feel to this one. I am a bit lazy when it comes to asking girls out so it was great to get a message from a girl close to my area, we chatted a little then decided to meet for a drink and to get to know each other better. We got to know each other quite well that night and have continued to get to know each other at every opportunity since then.

I figured this site was like all the rest. But I have not had nearly as much success with the others as I have had with

I met up with a member the other night we had a great evening, great conversation and finished it off with some great sex.

To whom so ever it may concern

Hi, Iam a free subscriber of I like your web site very much. It is a very good service you are providing. I appreciate your service, I love the pleasure you provide with free movie clips. Especially to a man like me who is hard working and do not have a female partner and who cannot afford paid subscriptions.

I want to thank you for the service Iam getting from your web site.

Thank you,


Thankyou once again.


This site is the bomb!!! Thanks for being here, I have met some wonderful people already.
Thanks so much, that’s great!! I think is absolutely wonderful for those who need a friend!

i just want to thank the great the people that i have knew here, just had experience wonderful times with my new friends, and people like me that enjoy like without prejudices and open mind

love you all ..
I just wanted to say that i have had manny messages and am about to meet one pretty soon
I had a great time with my girl we had sex for three hours is was fantastic.
i just wanted to say thanks for this website. It is helping me meet some lovely ladies. I love you I WANT U . com !!!
not to bad!.. could be more costless option… good luck!
i am getting a lot of mail now that i have joined and posted my photo, this is a great site to meet women
Just wanted to let you know I really like your site. Its easy to set up and I really enjoy chat here, use it almost every day in fact. The response to my profile has been WOW and it\’s alot of fun to read the responses. That\’s about it…just wanted to send a thank you
this is a great site to find that someone perfect for yourself. i did!!
this site really lets u get out there an meet new fun and interesting people. i\’ve had luck since the first day i signed up
Just want to say thank you. In 2 weeks that I am an active member I have had two singluar dates :))) keep it up.. this site rocks.
Although I\’m a 40 yr old who is in good shape and attractive, I never thought a younger couple would want to hook up. A couple in their mid 20\’s contacted me. We soon arranged to meet and enjoyed a very hot, sexy 3some. They said they prefered an older guy since he would be more of a gentleman and be able to guide them with their first 3some experience!! We all became very comfortable with each other and plan on meeting again and again!! Thanks, this has been a good way to find a fantasy come true!
I\’ve been on other sites and have been round and round with games but IwantU is a great site with real potential. I\’ve already made several interesting connections and love this place !!!
This site is the bomb. I\’ve had a lot of responses to my profile and hooked up with a couple of them and I\’m looking forward to hookin up with more
I\’ve been on here just as a free member for just a month or so. I\’ve met a wonder lady and we are having great times together.
hey guys i just want you to know what agreat site you have got going here. a few months ago a lot of things were going wrong in my life and i stumbled across an email from a friend telling me about this site. reluctantly i signed up and met some great people and have not looked back since thanks guys
This is such a great sight I have meet some wonderful people, I would recommend this sight to anyone who is looking for the perfect match!!!!!!!!!

This site is awesome compared to the rest of the so-called dating i feel at home with women…also this site has great complexing details which i love….thanks this is the best yet and i know ive had my share of women to talk to…
This site is alot better then other sites ive tried. Ive tried other that never let you chat with anyone dirrectly
I find this site very easy to use and the women here are beautiful!

Keep up the good work!
This site is great thanks to the token thing its the best thing i seen so you dont have to get a account which means you can use this like 5 months down the line or if you dont go online that often you still get you moneys worth
I can\’t believe what an awesome way this is to meet new people. I have all these new friends and this has only been within such a short time! What a wonferful site, is all I can say! Thank you all got allowing us to have a site to gather, mingle and make excellent new acquaintances! THANKS AGAIN! Top Cat 1237
I Want U is the best site on the internet. I have been on for 5 days and this week I am hooking up with a great girl for what promises to be a great time. Easy to use search engines and good profiles are the key
I have met some real nice girls, to bad some are to far away, but one is close and we have a date to see one another since we are both shy about posting pics, first meeting is just seeing and having a fun time, she is much younger than I and we shall see how things play out. If the first date has sex, that is fine, if not, that will work, but she seems naughty and I am not as nice either in waiting, so I will take the helpful pills in case things turn hot.
So far, this site is the best I\’ve participated in. I\’ve met some great people. Thanks and keep up the great work
I\’d like to thank you for putting this high quality dating service on the net. There are so many out there that just aren\’t up to par. I have to admit that I think that this one would have to be my favorite. You guys are so nice and always polite and I like that. Thank You again.
I think this site is fantastic. Many women that live nearby me that want to meet and get to know each other. This is a great site to meet new and interesting people. Thanks for making this site. Its great
This place really rocks…. im tellin u , it is not even 3 days that i joined and i have got a match… never imagined such speeds could be possible ….

any ways , now that i have got a match lets see how far it goes 🙂
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